Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"The storm should go north and west of here...."

Bad: The city got hit by an unexpected ice storm. This meant that my usual two-hour commute home was four - and that was short compared to some folks! Thankfully, I was alerted that the Major Interstate running south was closed (yeah, they closed an east-coast interstate for something other than fire in the Everglades), so I took the subway as far south as possible, and caught a bus back north on the backroads. Which also weren't moving - or were, just very, very slowly, as everything was already coated in ice (including the umbrellas of several fellow bus riders).

Good: Three solid hours of knitting time!!

Bad: I decided I would always look at the muck I'd made of one corner of my SotS-2 and, while it was passable, it wasn't *perfect*, so that three hours ended up getting frogged.

Good: That left me another hour to knit it back in, and now that I had the pattern down cold, it went much more quickly. I'm almost up to the point I frogged from (about eight rows), thanks to...

Bad: This morning's commute from hell. I got to work by 10:15am... which isn't 8:30, when I'm supposed to start. Nor, might I add, was it 6:55am, when I started standing out for the bus that never showed up (or the three after it). Hands were very cold.

Good: At least I had knitting with me once my hands warmed up. Knitting is calming and soothing. Knitting is why I won't accidentally kill anyone today if they get on my last nerve. Knitting saves lives.

Bad: There's more snow and ice on the way for the commute home tonight.

Good: At least I have my knitting.


  1. Good News: I will have a finished pair of socks by the time I leave work.

    Bad news: That leaves me with no knitting and pointy sticks in a stressful situation.

    Apparently I need to start carrying multiple projects.

  2. What terrible weather you are having! Glad you were able to find the good from what could have been all bad.

  3. Egads, that storm was the pits, wasn't it? Friends of mine south of the city had 6 hour commutes home that night.

    I got to "skate" across the "ice rink" that on normal days is known as the garage at Vienna Metro. That was fun....NOT! :)


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