Monday, February 25, 2008

Knitting Out Loud

Knitting Out Loud is a new audiobook publisher that publishes audiobooks about KNITTING! Having checked "No Idle Hands" out from the local library (I think it's overdue - whups!), being able to listen to it would be *much* fun. I do wonder about the pattern book audio books ("patterns not included"), though. Is it bad of me to hope that eventually Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will get into audiobooks? Hm, let's check: She has! Okay, I may have to cave and get Audible after all. *sigh*

On the actual knitting front, I'm about to have a Yarn Emergency. I'm two rows away from finishing repeat #4 of Traveling Roses, and I've probably got enough yarn to get through about a third of repeat #5. SOMEWHERE in my house, there are two more balls of this dye lot (which were a BEAR to get in the first place!)... but I have no idea where they're hiding. And I'd really like to have another three or four repeats on the scarf, too! *sigh*


  1. Remind us again what the yarn is, and what dyelot. Then we can all check our stashes (and Ravelry's stash).

  2. Also, all of Stephanie Purl Mcphee's books come out in audio at about the same time as in "dead tree". You can get them on
    Amazon, Audible and other fine online audio retailers. No need specifically to join Audible.

    Plus, you can buy single instances from Audible without joining.


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