Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Project

Remember how I said that the Sekrit Projikt had been unraveled - and didn't count on the UFO list anyway? Well, sadly, Secret of the Stole II *does* count, and I've started it. Not only started, but (happyhappyjoyjoy!) it's going along swimmingly! I'm really liking the Gaia, colorway "The Gorge" silk/cashmere yarn from The Sanguine Gryphon. There are still 9 hanks left, I note. Although DK says she envisions her pattern in "nonvarigated yarn in subtle earth tones", I'm loving my more richly-colored varigated stuff. The lace pattern still pops just fine, and it's pretty! I have no idea what the theme is going to be, but to me, the colors look all pasture-y. Which is pretty much going to scream out for a fluffy white sheep shawl pin (or three).

This weekend was all houseworky - I actually got the baseboards installed where they'd been ripped out from the floods a few years back. This required getting them at Home Depot; when the cart went past the Shiny New Power Tools area, so I lost Mom and Spouse in there. Thankfully, I had knitting with me.

Yes, that's green knitting that you haven't seen before. That is my shiny new Secret of the Stole II, aka UFO #58. (Yep, it would've been #59 - you were paying attention! - but I also unraveled my Rose Romance Sweater - it just wasn't working, and I didn't have the heart to start it up again, so it's de-listed.)

[Warning: Rant, political in nature] Naturally, I was going to take pictures of my SotS progress this morning, but I had to get up to vote (which I did). I forgot everything else after being welcomed to the local elementary school, the sign out front which read "STRENGTH THROUGH UNITY". More than mildly disturbing, as I live in an incredibly diverse neighborhood (ethnically, nationally, religious, you name it, we've got it all). WWII - someone clearly forgot that fascism was what we were fighting over there - the whole notion that there was One Right Way to do things, and One Right Way to be. "Strength through diversity!" was very much our motto in college - what the heck happened to make people forget that in a decade? Clearly someone thought putting up that particular slogan was a good idea... and they're teaching our kids. *Shudder.*

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