Thursday, February 28, 2008

The house ate my yarn.

Out sick yesterday. In between bouts of much-needed sleep, I pulled apart the parts of the house I could easily reach, looking for the little Michael's bag containing the other two skeins of Paton's "Allure" (colorway had "rose" in the name - but I don't think it was "Rose Quartz", since it was peachier in tone - and there was a lot number, I know there was...) that I tracked down when I was one repeat into the scarf. As it turns out, I really only needed *one* extra ball, since I got four repeats out of the first one, and I really only need seven... but hey, if I put an edging on it, it'll be a shawl, right? Ooo, will do that. Anyway, can't, due to no yarn. Pfeh. This is exactly one ball of Paton's "Allure" in the Travelling Roses Scarf pattern. Here's how it looks right now, accompanied by a shot of my lovely "stained glass" back door:

Since I couldn't move far after all the non-yarn-finding exertion, I ended up going back to SotS-II, fixing the stitch I'd dropped, and continuing on. I'm about 1/3 of the way through Hint #3 at this point.

You'll note I was a good bunny, and didn't start something *new* just because the house ate my yarn! (And I thought about putting sleeves, or starting to, on the Cat Sweater, hence its appearance in the photo above. Thankfully, that impulse passed.)


  1. I am sure you said, but what yarn are you using for the SOTS II? I like it lots!


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