Friday, February 8, 2008

Sekrit Projikt

Sometimes, I worry I'm losing my mind. I sometimes write several entries in advance, and had, in fact, set up this entry (excepting this first paragraph, of course) yesterday. Around noon, I checked my journal... and didn't see this entry. What had happened? Where had it gone? I knew I'd posted around nine, so certainly, this entry should be there! I checked my dashboard... well, sure, I had, in fact, posted on the seventh. I checked my daily desk calendar, the pages of which I rip off the instant I sit down each morning. It's the seventh. What had happened? Why hadn't my post shown up? It took about five minutes of checking and rechecking everything, before I opened my set-up file... and found the entry, clearly marked "For February 8". *Sigh.*

Day Three of Forty of the Yarn & Stuff Diet: So far, so good. Luckily, I stopped off at Stitch DC in Georgetown on Mardi Gras, and got yarn for my Sekrit Projikt. I have discovered that projects such as the Sekrit Projikt are *not* fun, relaxing knitting; they're work. As such, they don't go on the UFO list, because they're gonna be done really, really soon, because I want them DONE. It's another one of those I-gotta-write-what-I-do-when-I-do-it, and then translate my chicken-scratchings into Standard Knitting English. Twenty rows in on Part #1, and so far, so good. I've been able to replicate (using my notes and not peeking at what I just did) Part #1 in Part #2.

It Begins...
Progress 2-7-08

The other tricky part is figuring out how normal people do stuff. When I make a stitch in stockinette, I first pull the loop of the stich in the row below the "next" stitch up, knit in that, and then knit in the "next" stitch. Nice little almost-invisible increase. I'm pretty sure I've seen something similar somewhere, but is this "normal"? If, for example, I had a patern that said "M1, K10, M1", would people get that they had ten stitches on the needles, and they were supposed to make it twelve by increasing at the beginning and end of the row? Or would "increase by one stitch at beggining and end of row" be better? Or would I actually have to spell out how to go about increasing just so for the pretty effect made by M1, K, M1 at the edges of the allegedly circular project? So confusing, this trying to think as normal people do!!

On the upside, there will be Vast Gallumphing Progress on the Sekrit Projikt, so the day-to-day photos should actually show astounding amounts of progress... at least until I get to the part I haven't figured out yet.

ed: The Sekrit Projikt has received the go-ahead from She Who Decides in this instance. Yaaaaaaay!!!!

Progress 2-8-08,
at which point I unraveled everything
and started over.

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