Monday, February 11, 2008

Day six, and still haven't bought anything.

Now, I can track my UFO progress with a bunny!! Wheee!!

The Sekrit Project hit a bit of a snag during lunch on Friday when I realized that "winging it" just wasn't working, so I had to turn to Expert Advice. The expert in question is Wendy Johnson, and the help was her Generic Toe-Up Sock Pattern. I've used it and variations before, and darned if it isn't about the best out there for a nice, no-fuss toe-up sock. I chose to call Part #2 (which had yet to be frogged) my "gauge swatch", and did the math from there. So, back on track, with socks Sekrit Projikt Parts that will actually both hold up *and* fit my foot. Golly! However, being me, something else happened, which will be detailed tomorrow.

My brain almost tricked me into buying a knitting related thing (the Big No No until Easter), since it was a "don't let me buy knitting things" AND a totebag. I'm totally weak when it comes to getting totebags. And I really want this one... it's so appropriate just now!

Click photo to get your own!

Plus, there's the Frogging Queen t-shirt, that's really tempting to get my best friend. She'd kill me, though, for reasons related not at all to crafting. Sasquach Stole My Knitting Needles. I don't need that one, really, it's just funny due to... well, if you know me, you know why it's funny. There was a "Chthulu Wants Yarn" shirt... but when I checked the link before posting, it wasn't there anymore. Creepy. But, it leads to this one, Since I knit while I game, I should get that one, too. *Sigh.* Thankfully, lots and lots of the items available are NOT offered on tote bags.

I'm totally getting that totebag day after Easter.Two of 'em!


  1. ::dies re the frogging queen:: and my boyfriend didn't steal your knitting needles, my stich now and again...

  2. "I'm totally getting that totebag day after Easter.Two of 'em!" you can fill them with yarn? A tote bag full of yarn under each arm. That's happiness, right there.

    I could've used that bag this weekend.


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