Thursday, February 21, 2008

So, how's "not buying yarn" working for you?

Lent, starting Week II:
Okay, so, I collect things. Anyone who's ever seen my house can attest to that. My husband, realizing that I was going to collect things no matter what, has steered my main collecting drive to "Disney Pins". These are small (very), take up limited space compared to *everything* else I could collect, and I've chosen three categories: "Jessica Rabbit", "Si & Am", "Maleficient as the Dragon" and some "Tinkerbell". Sometimes, other things get snuck in there, true, but those are the big four, and I'm only a total completist with the Si & Am pins. (I have every Jessica Rabbit pin released before 2006 - which is when the art quality fell through the floor, and Disney realized it was getting insane amounts of money for Jessica pins, or sets with Jessica in them. As a result, I'm now only getting the ones I like.) ANYway, I'm going to be getting a Jessica Rabbit Pin Trading Bag. I don't actually know about it, but was shown the item, asked about personalization, and told to forget it. Yay!!

And, of course, the internet is a dangerous place. Look for one thing, find another, like this:

I just love WB's "Pussyfoot" (or "Precious", depending on which cartoon you're watching)... and finding I could get a shirt with her playing with a ball of yarn? I was torn on the wording: "Bad Kitty Cat" was OK ("Bad Kitty" would've been perfect); "I enjoy being a girl" was unnecessarily sexist, as I know guys who knit/play with yarn; and "The Cat's Meow" was cute. More yarn things I can't get. (Oh well.)

Got the third repeat on the Traveling Roses Scarf done, and had the "fun" of trying to put a lifeline in without a needle. Tweezers off my little green Leatherman Micra more or less did the trick, but it took forever. (Photo of Micra on the link doesn't show its true sparkly greeness, btw.) Starting on repeat four, and expect to get pretty far along while waiting for the SPICE GIRLS CONCERT!!!!! Wheee!

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  1. Hey... I collect Disney Pins too! I collect Doc from Snow White.


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