Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(pretend it's Wednesday)

Out sick yesterday, thus blog twice today.

Drat Silkweaver's Fabric of the Week! It's Mocha, possibly my favorite for actually stitching stuff on. And it's still Lent. Darn!

In unrelated news, I figured out my problem (well, one of them, anyway): I want to have knit a sweater this week. As in, "have a completed sweater magically fall off my knitting needles, without having to stress much about it". Yeah, I'm a dreamer.

I found a couple I like: the Dovetail Pullover from the Spring '08 Interweave Knits; Mariah or Josephine from Knitty. (Josephine might actually happen someday, actually.) Or I could do something really, really radical: finish one of the sweaters that I'm working on. Specifically, finish the bloody sleeves! I've got two sweaters in almost-sweater form at present:

The Stoplight Sweater
Just Needs Sleeves!

The Cat Sweater
Just Needs Sleeves!

Okay, the Stoplight Sweater also needs to be steeked and its zipper put in; the Cat Sweater needs to be steeked and its button band put in. But that's really not all THAT much. And I could have two sweaters, both of which would be really nice to have since it's STILL bloody cold here!

For folks who actually *do* knit things and finish them, check out Teeny Project Runway. I think I like the argyle sweater on Kermit the Frog best, but Molly the Sheep in her string bikini is ...something, too!

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