Monday, October 4, 2010

September Wrap-Up

Next week, really, I'll have some TKGA Level I progress. In the flurry of month-end and trying to finish all eight classes for HPKCHC, it got left by the wayside this week. But really, I'm working on it. Sorta. Speaking of what I finished for the Cup....

MaggieLo Disguise (Viking Pride Hat, #108), for Defense Against the Dark Arts, turned in September 7; Dust Bunnies (#132), for Charms, turned in September 8; Flying Keys (#169), for History of Magic, turned in September 8; Colorwork Tam (#179), for Flying, turned in September 10; Sneaky Binary Hat (#206), for Arithmancy, turned in September 13; O.W.L Proposal - Herbology (#1004), turned in September 13; Challenge Quidditch Bedsocks (#933), turned in September 25; Quidditch Sweater (#1200), turned in September 27; Quidditch Hat (#1203), turned in September 27; Glass Cozies (#754), for Potions, turned in September 28; Star Stitch Hand Warmers (#593), for Herbology, turned in September 29; and, finally, Who? Hat (#749), for Transfiguration, turned in September 30.

I got some really cute things out of this, as will friends and relations (the glass cozies and half the keys have Other Homes, as will a couple of the hats).

That's all eight classes, Challenge quidditch, regular quidditch, and my OWL proposal turned in. Not too shabby!!


  1. You were very productive in September and turned out some really cute things.

  2. It's lovely looking back at the month like that, really get to see what you've accomplished


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