Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quidditch Tie and Yarn Cakes

Now, you might think that yesterday's Owls Sweater was all the fun with yarn I could have in a week - but you'd.. be wrong. Over the course of a few days, I managed to use a suitcase handle and luggage rack to hold my ball winder and swift, and got a whole lot of little yarn cakes made up. Everything is ready for me to start knitting my Herbology O.W.L (no, I still haven't started), my Serpentine Valentine Socks (was supposed to start LAST Monday, and didn't), and because it was there, the rest of my Miss Babs stash.

...all the pretties...my preciousssesss....

I also finished knitting my Quidditch Tie. Since I went for the first/second year version, I had two ends to weave in for every stripe. That's a LOT of ends to weave in, but I did it, and la, the tie is done. (And look at the lovely Gryffindor bedspread I have as a photo backgound. I mentioned it was a really, really nice B&B, yes?)

I worked more on my Tilting Tardis Shrug as well. I got the body finished, and seamed the sleeves. (By the end of the second sleeve, I'd even figured out how to do it invisibly. No, I'm not going back to "fix" the first sleeve; it's barely visible as it is, that seam!) I'm at the "figure out if I want a neck-band on it" point; we'll see.

And there was even more than that... as you'll see tomorow.

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