Friday, October 8, 2010

Everyone's Knitorious

SamuraiKnitter's blog. Now, that link there goes to my (so far) favorite deconstruction of a Pretentious Knitting Magazine (I'm looking at you, VK). There are a BUNCH of these reviews, which I haven't read through entirely as yet (give me time). I'm recommending the whole blog as Much Fun, though, since (a) it's fun and (b) there's an awesome list of links & references down the right side of the page. I discovered the blog while trying to find the new Target commercial - you know, the one that ends with Giant Balls of Yarn in a wide open field and the usual assorment of impossibly pretty young people cavorting about them?

Specifically, this one:

Anyway, cute commercial, scary Giant Balls of Yarn, and a new blog to read. We'll call this a "win"!!


  1. Suddenly I have the overwhelming urge to go to Target and buy jeans...

  2. Time to dig up my plaid shirt from the back of the closet! :-). Plaid always comes back. Will definitely check out that blog. Thank you!


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