Friday, October 22, 2010

Potions - Done!

The Potions assignment this month was Craft a potion to help you overcome [a] nasty habit[s]. Again, I had fun with my write-up, so you get it here!
Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Second Year Slytherin, turning in her Potions assignment. I decided to mix up Strix Supero Malum Habitum, a potion distilled from a suspension of sandalwood powder, crushed compass-weed and a single pinfeather from a common barn owl. I fully expected the aspects of "protection" and "healing" to take a fairly unremarkable form, maybe a gentle warmth or growing tufts of feathers in odd places for a time.

Boy, was I surprised. I will never, ever again skip the footnotes in my textbook, especially the ones detailing the "actual expected results."

The potion, mixed properly, summons a number of Fierce Habit-Breaking Owls. According to the footnote in question, which I've now committed to memory, the number of Owls summoned is dependent on the severity of the habit and the mental condition/will of the caster. I had thought my compulsive totebag shopping was a Very Severe Habit - and yet I was saddled with only two small Owls. (I refuse to comment on any reflections this may have on my mental condition/willpower.)

"If the caster attempts to act on the Bad Habit in question, the Owls attack."

That footnote isn't kidding. They ATTACK. Beaks are sharp, claws are sharp. And they're really, really good at finding tender earlobes, no matter how many hats you wear. Not only does defending oneself from Owl Attack completely take one's mind off everything except said Owl Attack, one is quickly compelled to do whatever it takes to stave off the next attack.

The footnote continues: "The Owls stay with the caster until the Owls are certain the Bad Habit is broken. The caster is completely at the mercy of his or her Owls. The caster is responsible for the feeding, care, housing and amusement of the Owls. The Owls are very good at letting the caster know exactly what this feeding, care, housing and amusement should entail. (Thankfully, I stumbled across a serialized "television show" for Muggle Studies class; Owls have a weakness for television, especially things that are broad-cast late at night. And they like elaborate plots, complex characters and well-drafted dialogue.)

I'm not certain how long the Owls will be hanging around with me. They eat a lot, and like swooping down suddenly from dark corners. My nerves are a little rattled.

The potion works, however. It was supposed to produce Owls; I got Owls. And they're pretty effective. Since mixing my potion, I've only acquired ONE new totebag.

It hurt, but it was totally worth it.

Thanks for an, um, enlightening assignment, Professors. One quick question: which page in the textbook has the "Reversio Strix Supero Malum Habitum" potion? I can't seem to find it!!
Hopefully, by Monday, I'll have at least one more class to turn in, and at least 1/4 of my Herbology OWL finished!

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  1. Adorable! I love the little owls. Lovely work!


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