Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Quick Fix

So, maybe your idea of a Quick Fix and mine are a little different. Mine involved heading to another cross-stitch store (In Stitches on Route 1) and getting different cloth & threads for my little Wicked necklace than the ones that had come in the kit. And some other things. Like this cool blue mesh bag to carry everything in.

Since I was in the store, there was no harm in checking out other things. Like the JBW charts - three of which I didn't already have. Which is not to say I have all of them, I don't. I just didn't have these.

The Autumn Harvest one will get stitched up first; here's the stuff I'll be doing that with. (I just love this scrap of cloth!)

This is the necklace frame that came in the ziplock kit:

... and here is the floss I went with. Still Crescent Colors, just different fiber and colors I liked better.

Knowing I wasn't going to run out of floss this time, I got all the black stitching done quickly. I really like the way it looks on the pewter cloth, and I think the whole thing will look really nice in the pewter frame.

And in addition to needles (this really calls for a size 28 gold-plated short tapestry needle, not the plastic 20 I used for the first go-round), I just might've gotten a tiny orange mesh bag. Just for this project, because it was there.

So, yeah, most of my Vacation Money was spent once I got back to the city. That's just the way I roll!!

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  1. Brilliant quick fix! I can't wait to see the necklace when you finish it - the fabric to match the frame seems like a great choice :-)


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