Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bootie Call

Once again, I am knitting/crocheting because my mother made me. Yes, I'm old enough to not cave, but mom-guilt combined with the insane competitve streak I have with my non-crafting sister pretty much guarantees that I will knit/crochet insanely cute things in insanely short timeframes, just to prove I can. So, the Bootie Call was made, and thus, I crocheted booties. (PS, my mother has no idea why the phrase "bootie call" is making me laugh so hard. Please do nothing to enlighten her.)

First, my sister is a Shoe Girl. Think Kristin Davis's character on Sex & the City, only with red hair. Part of her husband's speech at their rehersal dinner included a recital of all the major Shoe Types (Manolosk, Jimmy Choos, and Christian Louboutin). Thus, I was ordered to start with some cute little Christian Loubooties:

Then came the idea of "make some for each month of the year!!" This was quickly shot down, as the child in question lives in Miami, which is not known for really *needing* clothing for at least half the year, if one goes solely by temperatures. I was willing to go for another four months' worth, though, because it *can* get chilly from time to time, and my little niece isn't an ice skater (yet), so her cold-survival reflexes aren't there yet. First off, October - and some cute little pumpkin booties. These were based off Lisa Cro's Easy Baby Booties pattern - I added some scalloping to the top, and the little pumpkin-vine tie. The Shearlings at the bottom were also based off this pattern, with some obvious changes. The others booties are all just me wingin' it as usual.

November means Turkeys. Mom seemes to think I'm adding little turkey-heads to these, but I think that would just freak the infant out, and give her something to chew on that maybe she shouldn't, as toes are totally reachable-for-chewing when one is small. I'll stick with the pretty colored feathers, thanks.

December means tiny Santa booties/Mary Janes. With fuzzy yarn. And sparkly yarn, since I needed it for the bottom of the Loubooties anyway:

Then, January and February might actually be *really* cold, so I made some big enough that socks - thick socks - could be worn underneath. Unless, of course, the child gets my sister's long, pointy feet - which is possible. Then maybe just thin socks. But cute little Shearling-type booties. These, as you can probably tell from the number of photos, are my favorites.

Okay, mom, that's it for the baby for a while. I have an O.W.L. I need to have half-finished in two weeks!!


  1. Bootie call is going to have me laughing at inappropriate times for days. *snort*

  2. Um, did you increase foot size in relation to expected wear time? 'cause all of the booties look to be about the same size, and I expect that the recipient will probably grow.

  3. Yep, I sure did! The Loubooties are for now, and the smallest. They get bigger & bigger up to the Shearling-type boots, which should last until about 8mo, based on 1/2+inch bigger than the mommy-in-question's feet at that age (sample booties and shoes supplied as examples from the new grandma). The Shearlings are almost double the size of the first pair!


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