Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Now, I know you were looking at the loot from yesterday and thinking "Well, that's not so bad. She didn't even break $40. That's pretty good, for her." That just means you forgot that In Stitches also does handpainted canvas. And, yeah, I got one of those, the fibers I'd need to finish it, and, well, finished it. (As opposed to doing the finishing, which will happen someday.) It was a little Associated Talents canvas that came With Stitch Instructions, which REALLY made things go quickly, since the usual dithering-about-what-stitch-to-do-where was already done for me.

It's so cute!! And I just love the Neon Rays and Very Velvet. The only thing I'd change in future is to NEVER use white and black very velvet next to each other ever again. Both shed something fierce!!

Just in case you were being impressed that I finished a whole canvas so quickly, let me point out that it just wasn't that large. Pretty, though...

As to why I had to get this one? I have a small collection of carved words, and sometime in September this year, I'd picked up an "Eek". So, I really had to get the canvas to go with it!


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