Thursday, October 21, 2010

Muggle Studies and History of Magic - Done!

Turned in three classes on Tuesday (by dint of staying up waaaay too late doing the finishing on them and getting fun photos). Since I had fun writing up my assignments to turn in, I'll share them here, too.

First, Muggle Studies:

For your assignment this month, you are to watch a Muggle television show and make a report based on it.
Hello, Professors! I chose the Muggle television show "Star Trek". To use the words of one of the characters, I found it fascinating. Imagine, if you will, a castle that can move between the stars, discovering other worlds and visiting the inhabitants! And I mean a castle - there's a greenhouse, a hospital wing, the headmaster's office (the "bridge", as if it were a ship - the characters refer to it as a "starship"), and hundreds and hundreds of rooms. To travel from the "starship" to various worlds, the characters use a Teleportkey, called a "transporter". That's all interesting on its own, but the way the residents of the "starship" interact with the various beings they encounter can be downright strange (especially the "captain").

The characters have rudimentary magic - wands with two incantations that don't require verbal activation (Stupefy and the Killing Curse, which I don't actually know, so I won't write it here). The hospital wing contains Trick Orders, which seem to be healing charms - all sorts of injuries are repaired as quickly as magic can do, perhaps even faster!

Overall, the show is amusing, rather like a series of fables, where the characters encounter a moral dilemma, and figure out a way to solve it (frequently without anyone dying at all).

My favorite character was the Scottish Engine-Ear, called, unoriginally, "Scotty".

He keeps the Starship working, makes sure the Teleportkey operates properly, and distills various alcoholic potions for fun. Different jobs on the "starship" are color-coded; Engine-Ears wear red and gold. (Additionally, the Security Detail wear red and gold, but have very short lifespans. I wasn't able to ascertain the difference between Engine-Ears and Security Detail just by looking.) Since distilling can frequently leave a bit of a mess behind, I decided that a nice, absorbent dishrag in Engine-Ear colors with the Starship's symbol would be something Scotty might like. Since the main theme of the show is exploring and "going boldly where one hasn't gone before" (or something like that), I decided to try my hand at double knitting, which I've never done before.

I'm going to have to work on it. I knit Eastern Uncrossed Reversed (again, "or something like that") so I think the way I carry the yarn during the one-stitch color changes is somehow not working. I'll have to try some more double-knitting, and figure it out. Big block areas are OK, but the swift color changes... yeah. I need more practice time for those.

Thanks for a fun assignment, Professors! Although I have finished watching all 79 "episodes" of this Show, I understand there are at least three - four? - other Shows related to this one, and several "movies" (two hour shows best watched when projected onto large walls). I will be tracking down as many of these as I can to watch during Winter Break. (And I hope my Fierce Habit-Breaking Owls like them, too, or my ears are in trouble.)

Then, History of Magic:

Sir Nicholas would appreciate some help with the decorations for this year's expanded celebration. Craft something to bring to the party that will help spread the spirit of his Deathday festivities!
Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Second Year Slytherin, turning in her History of Magic assignment.

I decided to help with the table decorations for the party by whipping up some glass cozies. In deference to Sir Nicholas, I made them in Gryffindor colors, with what I believe are traditional House motifs. By making each one different, at least four people will be able to keep track of their respective drinks - and given the varied nature of the beverages that may be on offer, keeping track of one's drink is a must!

I do hope Sir Nicholas will like them. They were certainly fun to make! Thanks, Professors!
That's enough for today... I'll show you the third class tomorrow!

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