Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October DADA - done!

One of the (many) nice things at the B&B was the huge kitchen/dining area, decorated much the way I'd like my kitchen, if only it was bigger than your average airplane galley. It's the little touches; the colorful pitcher in the window, the windchimes just outside, the garlic cloves.

Yes, the garlic cloves. Since I couldn't find the pattern-book (it's in the house somewhere) that has a garlic clove in it before I left, I was forced to do my Defense Against the Dark Arts by instinct. ("Make something to ward off/repel the undead.") As you've probably already figured out, I made a little garlic-clove:

I used the threads that are tying the body into shape, and braided them into a tie-strap. Thus, I have a lovely wrist-corsage/tuzzy-muzzy of garlic. Practical and stylish!!

It's another of those Really Easy Patterns I need to write up. It's really cute, and it only took about 2h - most of that being figuring out how to make the yellow bits for the fluff at the bottom!

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