Friday, October 29, 2010

The List, October 2010

Someone over in Hufflepuff House started a "stash" thread, which I was invited (thanks, Steph!) to join. It got me thinking about The List, that magical giant spreadsheet I use to track things started, finished, and just sort of sitting there in any given year. I started The List back in 2001 (at least that's the earliest iteration I can find), and each January 1, I get a fresh start. The Ultimate (and possibly unreachable) goal is to get my works in progress into the SINGLE digits. Under TEN. Yeah, I know, not for a long time. But for 2010, the goal is to get the number of items on The List under 40... and that could happen. Stats for the year: projects started and finished: 74; projects finished total, 83; projects started and not finished, 6. I have a really, REALLY long commute, and have decided housework is a waste of time - that's how I manage so much crafting time.

So, here it is. The List, as it stands at the end of October, 2010, all 47 items-in-progress. As you can see, I tend to cling to projects once I've started them. That needs to change. There are some things on this list that I'm never going to finish, and I need to just Let Them Go. (This is different from the ones I can't find; they'll turn up. Possibly when I start getting rid of the other, never-to-be-completed, projects.) Some aren't worth finding new homes for; some I'll give away via the Ravelry groups for the associated "started - anyone want to finish?" threads. But here's the list, right now. (Any photos are the most recent ones I could find on Photobucket; most projects are beyond the point in the photo.)

Cross-Stitch Projects: 25 Year
"Castle Sampler"1992Teresa WentzlerFinish. I bought all the floss again for Ancient Ruins over the summer, and I have everything I need - except the time.
"Arcadian Angel"1993MarBek/SerendipityOne of a set of four, this is the "summer" angel. Spring is done, and I have the kits for autumn and winter. They're lovely, so this will get finished.
"Dreamcatchers II"1993Design WorksThis only has about four hours left, but it's NASTY counting and a ton of backstitch. I've finished a companion piece already, and have another related kit in the wings. So, this, too, will get finished.
"Day"1994Teresa WentzlerI have "Night", too. It's a TW; the border is done, the rest will be. Someday.
"Mysterious Spirit Woman"1994Candy & CoI really like this image - but I've so far changed all the colors in it, reworked several things... and I still have just a bit of it finished. This one will be DISCARDED, and the chart kept in the archives.
"Waiting for Ships/Mermaid of the Pearls"1995MiribiliaThis is a 4'x4' piece when finished, and finished it will be. Someday. I think I'm most of the way through the WfS mermaid, and have about 1/3 of the tail of MotP done. And, of course, I'm changing the hair on one and the face on the other to make it seem that they're running from danger. (Why, I'm not sure; the idea appealed to me when I started stitching.)
English Knot Garden1996Lake District DesignsThe first kit I bought at a Cross Stitch Show. I'm really getting close to this one being done; I need to finish it before the end of 2011.
"Unicorn" ("Night Watch")1996Teresa Wentzler32-count black linen AND it's a TW. My husband picked it out, and I'll do it someday - but NOT on 32-count black linen. DISCARD.
"Autumn Queen"1997MiribiliaI need to find yellows I like for her skirt and olive greens I like for her cloak; she's about 4/5 finished at this point, and re-done in autumn colors (reds and oranges and golds!)
"Angel of Christmas"1997JannlynI liked this enough that I accidentally bought it twice (gave the spare to a friend long ago)... and yet it still isn't finished a decade later. I'm on the fence with this one.
"Peacock Tapestry"1998Teresa WentzlerI think I've got one corner of this done - but it counts as started. It's my favorite of her designs, so it'll get done someday!
Water Dragon (from BFF)1998JannLynI think I have most of the dragon done at this point, and I'm working on the buildings. It's a lot of olive green, but it's cool, so I'll finish it.
Autumn Sampler - Twisted Threads OCSJ class2001Twisted ThreadsThis is a very tiny sampler - and has been lost in my house for quite some time now. If I find it, I'll finish it - possibly as a needle roll.
"Abundant Acorns"2001Sweetheart TreeI love acorn motifs, and I love Sweetheart Tree designs, so this really should be done by now - but every time I pick it up to work on it, I lose interest quickly. On the fence on this one.
Sanctuary/Drawn Thread2003Drawn ThreadI started this as part of a stitch-along, and have about 5/6 of it finished. Once again, it's lost in my house...
Pocahontas "Proud Princess"2003DisneyOne of two Pocahontas kits I'm doing (I own four); I think I'm down to the border on this one.
Guenivere2005MarBek/SerendipityI've started this chart twice. There's not a lot left, I just need to finish the darned thing. (It's on some gold sparkly cloth that's really pretty, too!)
Tiffany Wisteria Window (1)2005Cross My HeartAfter a lot of thinking... I don't really like this chart as much as I thought I did, and I've got the Oyster Bay window chart now. DISCARD.
"Once Upon a Time" (The Fairy20s Secret Love)2005Passione RiccamoWedding Sampler for my BFF on some lovely hand-painted cloth. I need to finish it!
Pocahontas "Beautiful Braids"2006BucillaI think this one is really close to done, too - I've done Meeko (the raccoon) and the border; I just need to stitch the girl.
Tiffany Wisteria Window (2)2006Barbara ThompsonThis has been an on-and-off carry around project the last few months, and it's getting closer and closer to being finished. Good chance I'll manage it in 2010.
Small but Ferocious Gryphon2008 Arelate StudioThis is me having fun and combining two Arelate Studios charts into one, with the idea that it'll look like an illuminated manuscript page when finished. Single-thread gold crosses take FOREVER because the thread keeps snagging on itslef. That's why it's not done yet.
VS 12 Days of Christmas Bellpull2008Victoria SamplerIt's Victoria Sampler. It's Twelve Days. I Took the Cyberclass, then fell behind... but I have all my instructions. I'm on the Three French Hens, but this will get finished.
Williamsburg "The Chase" Sampler2009Mary Starker/Elsa WilliamsTechnically, this is off the list at present. I need to take the thread out of the original stamped cross stitch fabric, iron same, and fold it gently for preservation on the back of the finished new one. I have a sheet of 32-ct linen that I'll be working two over two instead, but I haven't started it yet.
Wicked Necklace2010Primitive NeedleThe current carry-around; likely done by the end of November 2010
Cross-Stitch Quilt/Set Projects: 3
"MS 2000"2000Various DesignersThis was a design-it-as-a-group project, where several bands for each month (with additions for birthdays and anniversaries and other events) were presented, and everyone could choose their own. I believe I'm working on July (with a birthday band between March and April, and Anniversary between June and July). Someday, it will be finished.
Eight "Joy" Ornaments (JCS Ornament issue2006Sweetheart TreeI started making these for my friends for christmas in 2006. With the year on them. At this point, when I find them, I'm sending them out. My friends know about the list, and will understand!!
Six Williamsburg Mini Ornaments2007Ronnie RoweI love Ronnie Rowe's stuff; I've got all his pen-and-ink designs. These will get done.
Latch Hook Projects: 1
Lounging Leopard Rug1996???I don't know if I have the rug yarn for this any more. If it doesn't turn up by the end of 2011, that's the end of this one.
Crochet Projects: 0
Knitted Projects: 6
Peacock Scarf2007CJ BagariaThis is beautiful Alchemy yarn, with iridescent beads and a peacock-feather pattern I invented. As it's one tiny ball of yarn and a vial of beads, it's a tiny, tiny project. It's been lost for a few years; I'm hoping it will come to light, because I do intend to finish it.
Dragon Illusion Blanket (II)2009CJ BagariaAt this point, I'm hoping I hit the halfway point of this monster by the end of 2011. It's HUGE. If I finish it, though, I'm totally selling the patter, because it's AWESOME.
Hello Kitty Illusion Scarf2010Alana Blewitt/CJ BagariaI think I have three blocks left on this. Possible 2010 finish.
Yarn on Thursday: Stitch Edition Blanket2010CJ BagariaI'm halfway through the stitch directory I'm using for this project, and I will finish. HPKCHC is slowing me down, though!!
2HPKCHC - Transfiguration - Tilting Tardis2010CJ BagariaAnother possible 2010 finish; the body and sleeves are done, I just need to figure out what I'm doing for the ribbing, and whether or not I'm putting a high collar on it.
2HPKCHC - Herbology Owl - Sweater2010E.J. Slayton/CJ BagariaDone before Thanksgiving 2010 Or Else.
Quilting Projects: 7
September 11 Patriotic Shoo-Fly Quiltlet2001CJ BagariaAll the piecing is done, I just need to quilt six more of the 12 blocks. This needs to be done!
Optical Illusion Squares Quilt2004CJ BagariaQuilt top is done. I just need ot put it with its bunting and backing and bind it. Originally, I was going to quilt it; at this point, I'm just going to tie it because I want it finished.
Quilt Block Exchange Quilt2004VariousI did a quilt block exchange in (I guess) 2004, and got some lovely squares. Not everything was done to the specified size, however, so a lot of work re-sizing things with brightly-colored strips needs to be done. It'll happen. Someday.
Block-Of-The-Month/ Red, Green, Gold2005Jo-Ann FabricsI think I pieced half of one block; this is coming off the list until I have time to work on the whole thing. "DISCARDED."
Blue Triangles Quilt2005CJ BagariaI cut a jillion triangles in various shades of white-on-blue to blue-on-white, and then pieced them together by hand. It's pretty wonky-looking. DISCARD.
"Northwoods Challenge" Quilt2006CJ BagariaI was going to enter this in one of the Keepsake Quilting challenges; I think it would've rocked. All the pieces are cut out; I just need to do the piecing and quilting. Will happen, just not anytime soon.
A Very Broncos Christmas2006CJ BagariaA bargello strip quilt of my own design, to get me used to my sewing machine. I believe all my strips are pieced at this point, I just need to put the strips together (and then to the rest of it). Will happen. Someday.
Canvaswork: 5
"Fishing Pillow" (for Dad)1999BucillaI've tried to do this thing TWICE, keep running out of yarn, and other ugliness. I think I'll make something that my dad would actually appreciate instead (he's not really a throw-pillow sort of guy). DISCARD.
"Partridge in a Pear Tree" stocking2002BucillaI'm allergic to the black wool used for the background - or at least I was. I might not be so much any more - and it's just the background that needs doing now. I should finish this.
Dragonfly Window2005Lisa BolgerI love, love, love Lisa Bolger's designs. This is all worked in cotton, since when I got it, I was reacting poorly to needlework wool. I was trying to come up with different textures for each part, and got stuck on the leaves. I've since decided that they'll be done, flat out, in wool, since I can deal with it now. This will get finished.
Bargello Flames Bag2005CJ BagariaI had a brilliant idea for this canvas, which is 2'x2'. It's never going to work. DISCARD.
Stained Glass Peacock Kit2007DimensionsAnnoying, since it was hard to track down, didn't come with the main blue color, and is printed slightly off-kilter. Will finish it thought, because it's (a) a peacock and (b) could actually be stained glass.
Sewing Projects: 0

Yeah, I think I'll definitely let some of these things go - and try to finish up the rest. I'll try to find everything by the end of November (because I'll want a break from NaNoWriMo, and cleaning out the stash room is equivalent to vacuuming the cat as "things to do to not deal with writer's block"), and knock things off the list as I find them. I'm also going to attempt to get a "current" photo of everything on The List, too. That should be... um... an adventure!!


  1. Quite a walk down your memory lane, there!

    I find it's easier to quit yarn projects than things that are harder or impossible to rip out. I hope you get under 40!

  2. SO! The question is: do you ever sleep???


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