Monday, October 25, 2010

Divination - Done!

While I haven't actually finished any swatches for TKGA Masters Level I, I have PRACTICED a whole lot. I've managed to completely solve the stockinette front/right side selvedge stitch wonkiness problem; I just need more work on the back/left side.

I did cast on my OWL, I'm hoping to have the sleeves finished tonight (hey, it's only about a yard of knitting. I'm past most of the tricky cable bits. How hard can it be? I don't need sleep!!), and the front panels finished Wednesday. That gives me Thursday and Friday to get as far as I can on the back, and that should put me comfortably over 50%.

I also finished my last three classes. Here's the first of those: the Better Mousetrap. For this, I used a Pop-Tart Cell Phone Cozy pattern as the base of the trap, and then winged the rest of it. I also winged the cheese (the yellow thing, it's supposed to be cheese) and the mouse. Growing up, one of the go-to gifts for all the kids in class were felt mice with long tails for bookmarks, so I just crocheted that shape, stitched it up, and added eyes, nose, tail & ears - took all of 15 minutes. I'm probably going to dissasemble the mouse-trap parts of the mousetrap, and leave myself with a pretty little Pop-Tart iPod cozy; I just need to add a snap or some velcro to close it.
Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Second Year Slytherin, turning in her Divination homework. I chose the do a tea, coffee or wine reading, show and explain for us your results, then make or spin a project showing what you learned or saw option, and did a Tea Reading.

Methodology: Brew tea from loose leaves. Concentrate while sipping the tea. Think about the past, present, or future of your life or really focus on someone else in your life to get answers. When tea is mostly gone, swirl in cup three times clockwise, then quickly drain rest of liquid. Look at symbols left on sides/bottom of cup.

Guide: The side of your teacup is generally considered to cover a time period of one month. Things that are half way down will occur in two weeks; further down in three to four weeks. The top represents today and the rim is now. The types of animals which appear in a tea leaf reading often mirror your hopes, fears, or dreams and can show your inner feelings. Symbols that resemble everyday objects represent what you are doing with your life and will show whether you have a positive or negative effect on the world around you. Images that are symbolic of nature reflect the atmospheres you surround your life with and can often foretell good fortune or troubled times, typically things that are mostly out of your control at that time since nobody can control nature. Images that look like people or parts of people reflect where you are as an individual mentally and emotionally and what roles you are playing at a particular time in your life.

Results: As comes as no surprise to me, my actual job is present-but-secondary in my life (the rooster - wake up early; go to the lawyers - the shark; travel to get there - the footprint, all three are tiny, and clearly, I'm not worrying about them until November.). My big concerns right now are finishing all my classes (the letter A) and sitting in a comfy chair, knitting. I'm a little worried about my best friend (the frog) and her new relationship (not my business, but still, I worry). I'll see a bunch of my friends, and their kids at the end of the month (Halloween party) and drive to get there (the car). Further down, not so fun: bad news (a raven), suffering (a cross), a need for bravery (a rabbit). My initials, so definitely directed at me. There's a mouse, which usually indicates "theft", but I think it means an actual mouse. I'm guessing the mice cause some serious damage to my house. Stupid mice. On the upside, the last symbol is an open book, which is good news... I think that means I'll actually finish a book during NaNoWriMo this year. Yay!

Interpretation: I need to make something to either stave off the Bad Prediction, i.e., the mouse attack. Thus, I present a Better Mousetrap, which, evidently, will be getting lots of use. Instead of boring old wood (which mice will chew through, but only as a means to an end, I have made a small iced poptart, which should totally attract them. (The sprinkles, especially. Mice can't resist sprinkles.)

Using special remote-distance viewing, I was able to see that yes, the baited mousetrap did attract a mouse.

Some tweaking to the design will be necessary to actually catch the mice. However, I'm hopeful I'll be able to manage it.

Thanks for an interesting assignment, Professors. I'll let you know if my Better Mousetrap helps stave off the predicted Mouse Disaster!
Tomorrow's assignment was actually some fun research on a topic that we've all heard about, but may not have realized just how crazy The Crazy got: the French Revolution! See you then!

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