Monday, October 18, 2010

Master's Monday - Are We There Yet?

Um, no, haven't actually done anything on my Level I Masters. Yeah, I know, I'm being bad. But I was on vacation for two weeks? That's an excuse, right?

Drat. I didn't think you'd fall for that.

Oh well. Instead, I'll distract you with crowd photos. Saturday the 9th was the Fall Festival in Fairfax, an event I love attending each year (this was the 34th; I've been going since I was a wee small critter). In addition to running up and down hills and consuming vast quantities of ribbon fries with cheese (YUM), I saw people.

Lots and lots and LOTS of people. Coming back from the side of a mountain to this was a bit of a shock; I only lasted about two hours in the crowds, then had to rabbit. I did, of course, get the requisite t-shirt and totebag swag:

... and in addition to fudge at Ben & Xander's booth, I dropped by Stitcher's Stash, the cross-stitch shop on the site of the original Scarlet Thread. I got both a Sweetheart Tree kit and chartpack (the chartpack for a wedding sampler for my sister; the idea I had for a totally original lovely thing just isn't happening, and it's been three years now), a little Hinzeit "Stitchin' Time" chart with charm, and a little kitted-up-in-a-ziplock that just didn't have enough floss in it.

Since the kit included the necklace, I'm not that miffed, but really... I'm pretty much out of everything that's black - and the only part of the kit that's actually full crosses is the top band. Somebody's estimates were way off at the store! Not to worry, though - you'll see my Quick Fix tomorrow.

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