Friday, July 31, 2009

Y'see, it's like this: they muliply like rabbits.

Yeah... the UFO numbers just aren't going down, are they? *Sigh.* It's been that sort of a week. Here's the alleged "progress" - which, you'll note, somehow includes three new UFOs.


Yeah, that's the same photo from last week.


Um... I've had a Masters Program-free week, by accident.
Here's the link to their website - clicky on the banner and go check it out!

Knotty or Knice Socks:

They have heels. Yay?

Dream Width Head Scarf:

... see yesterday's entry; I didn't get to knit at lunch.

Bridget Scarf:

Um. Here's some of my Broncos stuff that the scarf will go with?


Finally got it into my floorstand, to save my shoulder.

... And picture another fifty things out here, none of which have been touched (or possibly even seen) for at least six months. The UFO Count is not going down right now.

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