Friday, July 3, 2009

Well, I finished it (six or seven years ago)

First - a SHINY for the other folks in the USA, a day early, since hey - I'm internet-free for the actual weekend...

Ahem. Well, okay, here's a photo of a finished thing:

Recent photo, old sweater

This is the first sweater I finished that actualy fit me. I remember working on it when my BFF was dating her 2nd husband... so that makes it six or seven years old at this point. The collar is a little wonky, since I didn't really know how to make a collar that worked yet, and for a sweater-by-completely-winging-it, this worked pretty well. The pattern - Greek interlace - is original, charted up on my cross-stitch software. The yarn is acryllic, brown and a nice autumn blend. I should've gone for more contrast; in the photo, you can sort-of see the intlerlaced "I"s... but in real life, they blur a bit more because the "I"s have some of the brown of the background in them. The buttons are polished wood, and I love them. I think, since there are only two colors in every row, and there isn't a float longer than five stitches, this counts as "fair isle"-ish, although completely nontraditional, which I think just makes it "two-stranded colorwork". Either way, it's done, it fits, and wonky collar and all, I love it.

As for Clapotis, the thing I'm supposed to be working on, I made it off the first ball of Ocean Coral and onto the ball of Dragon's Breath.

Close-up of Dramatic Color Change (not).

I've got eight sets of dropped stitches, and I want the second ball of Ocean Coral to make the other end (without the disaster of Running Out Of Unobtainable Yarn). So, it's at least one-third finished, guaranteed!!

More dramatic reveals next week, assuming things go according to plan. Which they sometimes do.

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  1. Beautiful sweater! I like the subtle colors for Greek Key. You always see that pattern in really contrasting colors and yours is really original.


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