Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Um. I was gonna have all this stuff to show you, but...

Other crafts, other crafts, I know I do other crafts. This weekend, though, when I wasn't knitting, I was Organizing Things. (Erika, you might want to look away. This doesn't meet your specs for organization at all, and since you're good at organizing, I don't want to give you the heebie-jeebies.)

Okay, okay, I was supposed to be organizing things. We had to haul everything out of the bedroom to organize it... which kinda left the rest of the house full of stuff, which we're slowly going through.

So, instead of impressive before-and-after photos of organized living space ('cuz that SO didn't happen this weekend), here's a photo of my latest handbag/totebag acquisition, since I collect them, and that counts as another hobby, if not an actual craft. It's Betsey Johnson's "Betseyville" Strike It Up Small Tote:

Want one? Zappos Has It!

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