Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Room with a VIEW.

I visited my husband at work yesterday morning. The company he works for is so large it has its own cafeteria in a really tall building (for DC) - and a there's a View out of that cafeteria.

What you're seeing:
A. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
B. Virginia (the Commonwealth of)
C. Washington Monument
D. Old Greyhound Bus Building (see below)
E. Washington Kastles Court
F. New Bolt Bus/Megabus Bus Stop
G. Trapeze School (!)
H. The Old Post Office Pavillion

This is the building where I worked when we met - he ended up working across the street at a different firm in a completely different building. It's a lovely Art Deco building, and housed the Greyhound Bus Terminal long ago.

"This building, a blend of vintage and new, is the successful outcome of a lengthy battle waged by the Art Deco Society of Washington and others to save an historic Art Deco design that had been hidden away and forgotten. The original bus terminal epitomized the era's streamlined Moderne style, evoking the efficiency and adventure of travel. It was "modernized" in 1976 by being encased in a cheap covering of indifferent design and then closed in 1987. Preservationists first had to pioneer the concept of landmarking a structure that could not actually be seen and then insist on new construction that would adapt its distinctive features to a new commercial use.

The first 42 feet of the former Greyhound Terminal remain meticulously restored and serve the "1100 New York Avenue" office building as lobby and storefronts. Inside is an information desk adapted from the ticket booth and an explanatory display open on weekdays. "Deco Reborn" by Richard Striner shows the restored Greyhound terminal in front of the new, attached office tower. ADSW offers a poster of the painting."
I really loved working in this building - my favorite art and artists tend to be from the Deco era. I may have to get a copy of that poster!

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  1. I love Art Deco too! When I lived and worked in NY, one place I worked was directly across the street from the Chrysler Building and I had a 34th floor view of it! Saw architectural elements that most folks have never seen!


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