Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Other crafts - "Chain 50" doesn't usually look like this...

Since yesterday wasn't "Other Crafts" day, today is. And that craft is crochet. Now, I have something to confess: I actually started this Bridget Scarf the day the pattern was released, since I work two desks down from the designer. (Very convenient, that.) Over the weekend, when it was too hot to play with wool, I opted for lovely acrylic TLC Simply Soft (my favorite artificial fiber yarn) in Denver Broncos colors (although the orange is a bit muted, for a change. I think the actual color is "Persimmon"). Anyway, here's the chain:

And here's the beginning of putting-it-together-with-an-edging, phase 1:

And, just in case you're curious, here's how the scarf and hat look when theyr'e finished. (This is the designer's version... I'm hoping mine winds up looking half as good.)

What's especially nifty about this set is that the hat and scarf are TOTALLY REVERSIBLE when finished - for two very different looks. I'm figuring I'll get the scarf done over the summer (yeah, you've heard that before) and the hat once it gets cold again.

Which it seems like it never will.

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  1. Very cute! Does said designer share the patterns on Ravelry or sell them?


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