Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yarn on Thursday - T-Shirt Goodness!

My favorite Knitting T-Shirts (with links so you can get them, too)!

This classic quote from Karate Kid may not actually be about knitting - but c'mon. There are some knitting classes that FEEL like a full-steam-ahead-take-no-prisoners workout, right?

I've got a "cross stitch" version of this that I actually cross-stitched on a sweatshirt about a decade back. I entered it in a wee-small local show, and I think it actually got a prize. I'll try and track down a photo later; until then, consider this knitting version of If I Knit Fast Enough...:

Sarah Utter - she gets it. Go look at all her stuff (I'm seriously considering a "No Tatoos... Yet" shirt just to freak out my mother.)

Alice Thelma has some *wonderful* tees available. Here are two of my favorites, but seriously - go look. They're all great! (And I see myself getting one of each in totebag form. Hey, you knew I had a totebag problem...!)

Craftster has tees, too, thankfully. (I mean, really, they should, right?)

May have to give serious thought to this one. If you squint just a little, the owl kinda looks like a gryphon... so, Knitting Owl!!

Chrissy H Studioshas the Peace-Love-Knit shirts that I've been seeing here and there:

Red Paper Knittingon Etsy has this cool knitting "argyle" tee available from time to time:

More from Zazzle - I Knit in Bars

I knit because I'm smarter than you seems harsh, but I'm not so sure. I'm frequently surrounded by people on public transportation who look amazingly stressed, and ask "how I can find time to do that"... when I'm doing it on said public transport next to them. If they knit, they'd be less stressed. Yep, I've discovered the Secret of Actual Success.

Finally, two I actually own, from Modern Yarn. I'm pretty sure I got them at Stitches East one year, along with a third one I can't (a) find on-line or (b) remember exactly what it said, other than it was a dark olive green tee with knit-witty black writing and some sort of picture. I wonder where that got to?


If you've got a witty knitting shirt, let me know where you got it (and if it comes in "totebag")!!


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