Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yarn on Thursday: Ten Things I Don't Really Need (but want anyway)

Okay, there are some seriously cool crafting gadgets out in the world that I wouldn't mind having, but just can't *quite* justify getting (as yet). My ten favorites, in no particular order are:

    A gridded magnifying lens, so the Mystery Count Cross-stitch Fabric in the closet can be identified once and for all. (The link is to Nordic Needle, a lovely shop in Fargo, North Dakota, where my very craft-tolerant husband let me spend a few hours ON OUR HONEYMOON. Seriously. You can see why I *had* to marry him.)


    This little wonder cleans your rotary cutting mats. I do quilt, but I haven't actually used my rotary cutting mat enough that it needs cleaning. Somday, maybe. I don't deal in flannel yet, but this looks like it could solve that problem.

    The Bead Nabber may well be useful for beaders who deal with tiny seed beads all the time. I put beads on things (cross stitch, knitting, crochet...), but I've never had all that much trouble picking them up. (Long fingernails probably help.)

    Puffin's Craft Strand Separators are adorable, and I might wear one as jewelry, but I don't know if I'd actually *use* it if I got it. (Plus, I'd never be able to find it when I needed it, unless I treated it like jewelry... that's the only way I ever find my sterling silver thread cutter pendant. It's jewelry.)

    The Knitzi. I don't knit quite enough socks that I can really justify getting one of these lovely handcarved critters. Eventually, though, I'll be getting one of these lovely "bundled reed" ones. Again, someday. Maybe after I've actually finished 20 pairs of socks. Which may be sooner than I thought.

    I love the look of fused glass. I would love to be able to make my own. For that, however, I'd need a kiln of my own, and kilns involve "heat". I don't deal well with things that require heat (ask me about "ironing" someday), so getting one of these will probably never happen. Fused glass sure is pretty, though!

    I would love to make my own jewellry and stuff - my friend M makes some really pretty stuff using metal clay. I keep trying to justify getting some of my own to play with, but I don't have anywhere to put it. Or a table to make things on... I really need to clean up and organize my house. But then... little copper Gryphon pins for everyone!

    Now, I do knit, but I don't know if I'd used Knit Clips, since I have an undending source for low-grip binder clips, and a love of magnetic fridge clips, both of which I use instead. If someone didn't have an undending source for low-grip binder clips or a magnetic fridge clip obsession, however, these would likely work well.

    Hm. As long as we're into the crafts-I-do, check out these Tapestry Needles from Crown Mountain Farms. These are amazingly lovely... but given the rate at which I lose tapestry needles in my house, I'm not sure I can justify getting any of these. Maybe as dangly earrings? *Sigh.* Lovely stuff.

    Lastly, the Easy Count Guideline is a fiber to grid cross stitch with, so you can (a) keep track of where you are on your chart and (b) skip around if you're one of the finish-all-this-color-then-do-the-next chippies, like me. (If you've ever done a large Teresa Wentzler design, trust me, you grid.) I tend to use contrasting cotton thread (not floss) to grid, so I'm not sure I'd use Easy Count. If anyone has, please report back - was it especially helpful & easy to remove? This might be worth tracking down.
If you've got any cool gadget/accessory ideas, please share!


  1. I can recommend the beadnabber. I am about to start (about to, well, when I finish what I am working on...) a shawl that I want to bead, so I am in the process of collecting all the bits and bobs I require. Some, like the beadnabber, I already have. (More to the point, I actually been able to locate it in all my craft-y paraphenalia). I have found it indispensible in the past, especially when working with seed beads which I find very tricky otherwise. Good to see it is still available!


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