Thursday, January 20, 2011

There are some amazing people in the world.

Have I mentioned that HPKCHC is a pretty amazing place? One of the Cuppers, known by most as RyRy, got hit hard by tragedy: his house burned down. He lost everything. He's otherwise okay - but dang, he lost EVERYTHING. Enter the House Cup, and the amazing folks in Hellion House (yes, the chatroom has formed its own house) - and all the other Official Houses. We're making him a blanket, with as many folks as can kicking in a square or two. I've officially signed up for one, but will probably do more than that. I started yesterday:

The word came down from On High that squares could count as Quiddy projects, which was sweet of Those On High. I think everyone would make the squares anyway, but points are never a bad thing! I'll show you what I get as I finish them; I've got a couple of ideas, since the colors are greens, blues and blacks. (Yes, I'm going to put secret binary messages in a square or two. How did you know?)

And, on a completely different note, I have yet another new Ravatar:

And yes, I want that ring!

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