Friday, January 28, 2011

Aithmancy OWL progress

Rule number one for an Arithmancy OWL: count properly!

I may have failed to do this. You see, I'm making braided balls, 22 of them, in fact. 18 six-strip balls, 4 nine-strip bands. I'm into the third week now. Did you catch all the numbers there? (18*6)+(4*9)=144.

I have to make ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY-FOUR strips. Here's what I've got, and this has been my commuting project since I started:

I've got eighteen finished - I'm one short of enough for a nine-ball with the thin strips on the left, and enough for one six-ball on the right (plus a couple of partials). I've got three strips underway (one not pictured) - and roughly sixty days left.

Do the math... and remember, I've got another OWL, too.


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