Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...and one for me.

Well, I made so many Olivia's Butterfly hats that I decided to make one for me with some Aurora 8 I'd bought back when Stitch DC still had a Georgetown store. It matches my lightweight winter coat perfectly, and I've been meaning for years to make a hat to go with said coat. Enter 2011, and a fun hat pattern!

Being me, I couldn't let my little hat go without embellishment. I'm not sure about it - I like the double-ruffle I added on, but it does give the whole thing an air of being a turn-of-last-century bathing cap. Or a baby bonnet. Possibly not a hat to wear for reals. I'm not frogging it yet, since it's actually finished, but I am considering it.

And, just for fun in a behind-the-scenes sort of way, this, kids, is why you crop blog photos. Not everyone needs to see what's in your medicine cabinet!

Uncropped - see why I cropped it?

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