Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We interrupt this blog with a late-breaking newsflash: Just in time for (as it turns out) a whole lotta ice and not much snow, my new boots arrived!

These are probably the most expensive clothing-bits I own (with the exception of my Frye Eagle Harness boots - but those are, like, 6 years old by now, and depreciation has probably set in). But, as they're LLBean boots, I expect them to last a decade, at least - the last pair that I decided to go for top-of-the-line instead of skimping lasted almost 20 years. (Then I skimped; they lasted ONE.)

I feel much better knowing that I'll have traction and, more importantly, footwarmth tomorrow. Since the alternative is sneakers & cleats!


  1. On top of the traction and foot-warmth, those boots are really cute. Do they come in red? And how pricey are they, exactly? I need a pair of boots myself. I got a pair at Target last winter and they lasted less than 3 months. :(


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