Friday, January 7, 2011

Potions - Done!

First, a moment of silence for the Serpentine Valentine Sock that almost was... here it is, just before it was entirely frogged on New Year's Eve:

Thank you. Now, on to today's finished item: my Potions drink-cup cozy WITH FLAMES. This time, I just said to heck with the pattern; I can do these cozies in my sleep (really, I have!) at this point, and I just decided to wing it on the flame pattern, which worked pretty well! Here it is late Wednesday night....

... and here it is by the end of breakfast on Thursday...

... and here it is at the end of lunch!!

Yeah, this is a nice, quick little project for me now, and hey, everyone can use a pretty glass/cup cozy, right?

Insulates from the heat in the winter, stops condensation & melting in the summer. And now, WITH FLAMES!!

Because I decided to go all Ravenclaw on at least one assignment, and Potions tends to best lend itself to same, here's what I turned in (minus the two photos, which are above):
Hello, Professors! This is CraftyGryphon, Third Year Slytherin, turning in her assignment.
Invigorating Potion Ingredient: Caffiene

Caffiene: a vital component to many common Invigoration Draughts. (fig. a) Oddly enough, this component is *not* a stimulant, as most people assume (or are, erroneously, told); it is an anti-soporific, which is to say that it doesn't wake one up; it keeps one from falling asleep. This is why it is helpful to consume a caffiene-containing beverage in the mornings - an anti-soporific helps banish the last vestiges of drowsiness, and why it is NOT helpful to consume in the evenings (if one desires sleep) - it will, of course, prevent one from falling asleep easily.

fig. a

Unlike most people of my acquaintence, I tend to favor a version of the Invigoration Draught brewed for commercial sale by one "Doctor Pepper", and the usual container in which I obtain it is much like the following illustration (fig. b):

fig. b

The only problem with these containers are that they have limited to no insulative properties. Cold beverages, placed in an environment only a few degrees warmer (let alone thirty to fifty) than the beverage when decanted will cause condensation ("sweat") on the exterior of the container, rendering it both cold (as the "sweat" evaporates) and slippery (as it is now a smooth container with a thin continuous coating of fluid). Before the Draught is consumed, one's reflexes aren't quite up to par, and dealing with cold hands clutching slippery containers should be avoided. Thus, I have created a Invigoration Draught Container Cozy to use daily. The cozy itself is stretchy, and can accomodate both the size container in fig. b above, and the "large" container, pictured below (fig. c). It is made from available scrap yarn; approximately 30 yards combined of the three visible colors.

Invigoration Draught Container Cozy

[photo above]

[photo with cup, above]
fig. c

Thanks for the assignment, Professors! You have helped me saved my poor hands from the dreaded early morning chill - or the even more drastic Loss of Invigoration Draught!!

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