Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting the new year off right!

The State of The Knitted and Crocheted UFOs, start of 2011. This is what was on The List as of December 30, 2011. I managed to finish - or unravel - two more projects, so I ended the year at 38 WIPs (UNDER FORTY!! RESOLUTION ACHIEVED!!). I made a total of 114 projects in 2010, with a monthly average of 9.5 finishes. That's just amazing - not just that I got so much done, but that... no, really, it's amazing I got that much done. I started a MESS of projects in 2010 - 97, to be exact - and I STILL managed to get my overall WIP number down. I'm just amazed at myself, really!

What: Peacock Feather Beaded Scarf
Needs: TO BE FOUND. It's this tiny little ball of merino on tiny circular needles in a tiny bag, and it's lost. I'm hoping I'll find it, but it's really, truly possible that I may not.
Expected Time: Approximately 50-80 hours. It's superfine mohair, with beads. That's gonna slow ANYONE down.

What: Dragon Illusion Blanket
Needs: The Second Half Finished
Expected Time: Approximately 100-200 hours. Seriously. One "row" is actually four rows, each with (I think) over 250 stiches, and, it being a blanket, it's heavy. Really, really heavy. So it takes some doing.

What: Hello Kitty Illusion Scarf
Needs: Finish final HK block; carefully line up and sew back and front together, add fringe
Expected Time: Approximately five to six hours

What: "Block Eight" Castle Block
Needs: FINISHED 12/31/2010
Expected Time: N/A

What: Unfinished Serpentine Valentine Socks (was going to be November CoMC)
Needs:UNRAVELED 12/31/2010 - they just weren't working. Cankles and too-tight cast on!
Expected Time: N/A

What: Hearts Pi Shawl
Needs: A LOT. Like, TONS of stitches. Thousands and thousands of stitches. On little eensy-tiny needles, yet!
Expected Time: 200+ hours.

What: Advent Calendar Scarf
Needs: A LOT. Like, TONS of stitches. Thousands and thousands of stitches. On little eensy-tiny needles, yet!
Expected Time: 200+ hours.

You'll note, please, that there aren't ANY left-from-previous-years crocheted UFOs - I tend to finish my crochet projects. Mostly because they're far, far less grand in scope than my knitting!

And speaking of crochet projects - HPKCHC classes dropped on Saturday, so I started Charms. The assignment was to stalk a First Year student, find something in their batch of finished projects, and make one of them. The Hufflepuff I stalked had done a granny square baby blanket; since I've got a baby shower to attend in about two weeks, I opted for that. I just decided to make it a little, well, cooler than the average baby blanket. This is a granny square - WITH FLAMES. I've gone through one skein of black yarn and one yellow that this point; I need more yellow, and will probably pick up a second red while I'm at it.

I've also put in one OWL proposal, and started a second class. Also WITH FLAMES. (That's my January theme - make everything WITH FLAMES.) So, right now, I started the year with 38 WIPs, and right now, I'm at 40. That totally rocks!!!

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