Monday, January 10, 2011

Being healthy cuts into my knitting time.

Well... I didn't finish any more classes over the weekend as I'd planned to do. I didn't even manage to finish my swatch for OWL #2, but it's at least halfway done, and I did all the math on the worksheet for my sweater for Transfiguration. And hats. I made some hats for The Weasley Challenge/HoH Hat Challenge/Quidditch - I'm at 3.5, and I'd like to have five for the month, at least. Two are Olivia's Butterfly:


and the other one... I'm making up as I go.

Because why use one of the zillions of proven patterns out there, when I can play with yarn and swear a lot when it doesn't work out? The fourth one doesn't look hat-like enough to photograph, but it's another Olivia's Butterfly.

Hopefully, tomorrow, there will be something other than hats, but don't count on it - I have to attempt to walk/run two miles when I get home!!

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