Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boot follow-up

Um, I have now finished 4.5 hats for Tangledskein's mom's treatment center; photos later. I'm near the end of my first week of eathing better and daily exercise, and I am EXHAUSTED. Luckily, I know it gets better next week, and much better the week after that.

Re: My new boots: They're from LLBean, with Gore-tex and good treads, the works. I think this style just comes in green this year; they retail at $179 (and figure add, what, $10 for tax/shipping? Although if you go over $x, shipping is free right now). since I expect them to last a really, really long time, I figure it'll work out to around $10-$17 a year for Super Comfy Wonderboots.

Buying them on-line gets me my size (which is wider than most - I have boxy little feet, which is great for ice skating, but not so much for off-the-rack shoes). Most department stores can measure your feet for you if you don't know FOR SURE your exact size (and remeber - as you get older, it DOES change). But, if for some reason the LLBean boots you bought didn't work? S'okay. They're terrific about returns/exchanges; they want you to be happy with what you wind up with!

Um. Okay, that's the boot report. Hopefully back to the yarn tomorrow - and hopefully I'll be awake. I think my spelling just went off the deep end...!

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