Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The panic sets in.

Monday, at lunch, I finished the body of the blanket, and started the edging. Got back to my desk, and took a moment to do some math. Each edging repeat covers three stitches on the edge (less the one stitch for the "set up row") - which means there are 213 repeats of the six edging rows. I made it to 85.4% (the end of the second repeat of Chart G). I have done three repeats of the edging. Just 210 left to go, at the end of Monday lunch.

Monday evening, it got a bit easier once I got home - I was able to switch a DPN for the right needle, which was in no way attached to the danged blanket. (Yes, I'd been working back and forth on the circular needles still in the blanket before then. Yes, it was working about as well as you'd expect it to work, which is to say, Not Well At All.) Here is Monday Evening's work.

Now, each little point gets rid of three edge stitches. Woohoo! And there, you can count them, I have 37 little points. This represents four hours of solid knitting. Math (ever my nemesis) says that 37 little points per four hours means I need 22 hours to finish the edging of this blanket. TWENTY-TWO HOURS.

Twenty-four hours later, there are now 64 more little points (yay, more than 100?). Which means that yay, I'm gaining speed, and more little points are forthcoming. Sadly, it also means that there is almost no way in heck that there are enough hours left in July to finish my O.W.L. - but I will finish it anyway! I do not need sleep! No! Nor food, nor potty-breaks, nor any of those mortal things. I WILL FINISH THIS BLANKETTT..... *Ahem.*

It is now Wednesday morning. Turns out, I actually do need food and sleep, or I get pretty sick. The edge is halfway done. OMG, it's already 4.5 FEET across and I haven't even stretched it out yet. It's gonna be HUGE. *Sigh.*

I can do this!


  1. Waiting here with baited breath to see you cross the finishing line

  2. That is going to be so pretty.

  3. It is going to be absolutely beautiful!!!! Well worthy of an O.W.L.!!


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