Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up:

(These are all Rav links, sorry!)

Ancient Runes (post #103) - my first ever dishcloth, turned in on Wednesday, June 2; Herbology (post #178), my second-ever dishcloth and third original pattern, turned in on Wednesday, June 9; Charms & Potions, combined (post #132), turned in on Monday, June 14; History of Magic (post #136), turned in on Monday, June 14; Defense Against the Dark Arts (post #170), turned in on Monday, June 21; 50% of Charms O.W.L. (post #481), turned in on Tuesday, June 29.

Also finished in June: The cabled cozy hat for my mom, the Entrelac handbag, a Romney scarf (sort of), and a wee scarf for Hamish. Plus I unraveled my Rogue hoodie, so that came off the list. I'm currently sitting at 49 UFOs, which puts me back to where I started the year, at least - under 50! And, hey, I still have six months to get under 40, right?



  1. You got alot accomplished! I have couple of things I really need to get done. Seems that we never slow down with the projects we have to do. :)

  2. HPKCHC is really helping me get things done. And I'm going to be able to do at least four things out of my Rav queue for July classes. Wheeee!


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