Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ancient Runes: I got an "f" and was happy about it!

Things I finished today:

A flock of fluffy fledgling finches for my father.

This is also my first turned-in project for HPKCHC July classes - this is Ancient Runes. Everyone in class was assigned a "rune" - I got an "f", which had to indicate the yarn, the colorway, or the project. My father had previously given me a small skein of Caron "feathers" in "purple finch" colorway... so I decided to make him little purple finches until I ran out of yarn.

I think they turned out adorably. (Mind you, there were three test finches; the first looks like a penguin, the second turned into a Happy Bowling Pin, and the third is the big Father Finch in the photos. While I'll be showing all the test-birds to Dad, I'm only giving him the Father Finch and the three fluffy fledglings.


  1. All that perseverence has paid off, they make a lovely family

  2. Aww, thank you! My dad really liked them, too!


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