Friday, July 23, 2010

Does leftover Pashmina actually ever count as "leftover"?

Kinda bummed; my backup file for my July posts about my HPKCHC stuff seems to have vanished into the ether. Easy enough to recreate, but still - where did it go in the first place? Sigh.

Anyway, manged to not knit ANYTHING once I got home last night, which isn't good for finishing my Charms O.W.L. Not at all! Got sucked into an excellent book (If you read Anne Bishop's Black Jewels books, "Shalador's Lady" is tough to put down. If you haven't read any of them, start with the stand-alone "Invisible Ring", then the Black Jewels Trilogy, and by then, you'll know the rest of the order to read them in.)

This is what I've managed to do on Potions, and thank heavens for that extra third-ball of MadTosh Pashmina left over from my Tilting Tardis Cowl! I managed to get the green to last to EXACTLY the edge rows, so the actual edge will be in blue - which is fine, since all the leaves are in green, and that's the really important part.

Hopefully, by Monday, I'll have something to show you - something FINISHED, that is - and possibly two somethings.Wish me luck!!

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  1. Ooh - pretty yarn.

    p.s.~ Excited about seeing you soon!


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