Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still in appliance mode.

New refrigerator - lovely. Very shiny.
New dishwasher - someone f'ed up at the installers, so they aren't delivering today. Bloody good thing I've got an extra day, or Someone Would Be Unhappy that wasn't me. Also, they should be really glad it was my husband on the phone, not me. I'm sleep depped from getting everything ready for the install, and cranky as heck. I should get a call tomorrow with my delivery window by 8am. If I don't, I WILL be the one calling, and I'll be more sleep deprived and crankier.
Means I can't put the house back the way it should be yet.
And I refuse to get food/start cooking until I haz dishwashr.
Eventually, photos. Really.

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