Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Lovely Finish (finally!)

If you're a cousin of mine, don't give my in-laws the link to this, I want it to be a surprise. (It's unliklely my in-laws would read this page before Christmas... I think. I hope.) Anyway, finished a MAJOR big project. This is Lavender & Lace's "Angel of Hope". My father in law showed me the pattern a few years (like three?) ago, and said that he just liked the picture, he wasn't planning on stitching it or anything. I might have mentioned that I was familiar with the pattern, and went home and started it immediately at full size. I didn't like the way it was going, so in 2006, while recovering from surgery, I started again, but smaller. It's supposed to be stitched 2 over 2 on 32ct linen (or over 1 on 16ct). This is 2 over 1 on 32ct linen (2 because it's all half-cross stitches, and two strands gave the right amount of coverage). So, instead of being a wall-eating 16 x 24 when framed, this photo is only slightly smaller than actual size (I guess that depends on the size of your monitor, too - mine's 17" diagonal).

I'm really impressed with the way it came out, and while I won't have it framed for Christmas, I'll be rolling it up carefully to give to my in-laws, with frame to follow roughly mid-February. Yay!


  1. I am sure they will love it, it's beautiful

  2. The angel turned out to be BEAUTIFUL! Nice job!

    Congrats on the new appliances. They look wonderful.

  3. So, what'll you give me to keep this secret?

    I'm just sayin' I've seen a pink mannequin, and it seemed pretty nice.

  4. When you have a finish, you have a finish. That is beautiful. I tried hard to get a better look at the tiny stitches.


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