Monday, December 14, 2009

Kitcheny Goodness!

This isn't even slightly about yarn, but I'm not gonna apologize for that, I'm too excited. You know there was a bit of kitchen trauma last week. But it's over, and I can now present you with the pretties! (Yes, I should've done this earlier, but I'd been gone from the office for two weeks, and there was a bit to catch up on.)

First, the refrigerator. This (which leaked a bit, which caused an ongoing mold battle between me and the alleged "seal" of the freezer)

...was replaced by THIS lovely creature:

The old dishwasher was almost 40 years old. Absolutely the state of the art, top of the line in 1973! It leaked (that's what the little catch-tray on the floor is for), and didn't actually clean so well; we used it as a sterilizer, mostly. (It also tended to get a wee bit hotter than it was supposed to; it really was sterilizing things in boiling-hot steam.)

I've been wanting something that would actually wash the dishes without any help from me for quite some time, so the Noisy Monster that Tried to Eat the Kitchen was replaced with stainless steel, inside and out. Which, I should add, both cleans dishes by itself, and does not leak!

Since our microwave is also stainless steel, we sprung for a new kitchen clock, too:

(Yes, that's police tape that says "DANGER MEN COOKING". When we moved in, my mother insisted that I put a border up in the kitchen. So I did. She's been trying to get me to take it down ever since.)

With all this shiny new stuff, I actually cooked yesterday. It went well; everything worked, everything cleaned up delightfully easily, and no one got sick from it!

Yaaaay, the new appliances work!!


  1. Nice kitchen makeover! Those dishwasher with the stainless steel insides are wonderful and quiet

  2. Aw, it's beautiful!

    Now, now your kitchen is perfect, it's time for the rest of the house!

  3. Lovely lovely lovely! Beautiful make over.

    We got a new fridge on Black Friday. A very determined DH hit the store at 5 am because he wanted a black fridge to go with his stove.


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