Monday, December 28, 2009

One last finish for 2009...!

First, the good photo to grab your attention:

Got some lovely Baby Alpaca DK from my boss for Christmas and, promptly upon opening Friday morning, started making some shooting mitts. To avoid SMS (Second Mitt Syndrome), I do (a) for both mitts, then (b). In this case, it was two thumbs (10 rows of k1p1 over 16 st), then two index fingers (15 rows of k1p1 over 16 st), then both three-fingers (some number of rows over 36 st), then joined the index finger to the three-fingers bits, which brought me to Friday night. Note that the index finger bit is made three rows longer than the rest of the fingers; it needs extra warmth, being out there all on its own.

Saturday, there was a thumb mis-attachment incident....

Which was fixed by the end of the day.

I sort of made up a cable as I went (it's a double twist over 4 stitches, with the not-part-of-it stitches going back and forth a bit, sort of in a honeycombish effect. It'd make a pretty sweater. But, by Sunday evening, they were done.

So, 43 projects done for the year, and I'm STILL under 50!! Wooohoooo!!


  1. Wow, they are great..I still can't do the M<agic Loop, really haven't addressed it as yet.

    That is one of my 2010 Resolutions..


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