Friday, December 4, 2009

Future Finishes (part II)

Again, not so much with the finishing. So, instead, I'm gonna show you The Next Next Five Things I'm Likely To Make From My Ravelry Queue! Mind you, these aren't the second top five things in my queue. It's stuff that I already have the yarn for (mostly), and have a prayer of finding the pattern for (or know where I can get it), and I wander by it and go "OOOOOOO!" in my queue. Again, what I actually start will depend on my mood that day, the phase of the moon, etc. So, in no particular order, they are:
6.DanicaYes, I made one for my husband; I want one. I, however, will also get a matching hat. I'm making mine out of Feza Iplik Cyprus Mohair (the ABSOLUTE PERFECT YARN), just a different (and much brighter) colorway, to avoid confusion. I bought lots (I think his scarf was two balls, but I'm making mine narrower, so it should be longer, and whatever's left over from my hat will also go onto the scarf. Possibly as fringe...

This is Knotty Stitcher's version. My colors are the same, just brighter.
(She's also stitching Chatelaine's "Alhambra Garden", which is in my cross-stitch queue.)

7.Entrelac Hat... which will match my Danica scarf. Woohoo! I'm really just using this pattern as a starting off point, since my yarn is much thicker than what is called for, but it'll give me The Idea Of It All. I hope.

MyYarns' photo, which is The Best One Out There for this project.

8.Friendship Star Lapghan
(Ravelry Link)
Okay, so I don't actually have the pattern for this yet; I have to figure out the new PayPal system, or make my husband buy it for me. But I've had the yarn for a while now, and I just adore the pattern! It's crochet, so it'll work up pretty quickly. If I do manage to find a way to buy the pattern before the Olympics begin, this will probably be one of the projects I start & finish while staying up late and watching too much ice dancing and ski jumping.

Sue's photo that made me ask if she was going to offer the pattern for sale, and she did!

9.Eclipse SocksOkay, this yarn was gonna be my Hunt Item for Black Friday. (Black Friday seems a good day to get yarn for Twilight socks, yes?) Woohooo! I've now seen the new movie, have the yarn, and hope to be wearing the socks (and matching mitts) to "Eclipse" this summer. Woohoo!

Julie's photo that goes with the pattern. I love that she's got the book next to the sock!

10.CubismAgain, I don't have the pattern yet (darn you, PayPal), but again, I have the yarn. This is what drew me into the world of Wooly Thoughts patterns (of which I will own many, if not all, once I've figured out how to pay for them). If you haven't browsed through all the amazing Wooly Thoughts stuff... it's possible I haven't linked to it. I can't believe that I haven't, since I'm so over the moon about it all, but it's possible. Anyway, here's the link to their website:

Detail of this brilliant pattern, by the designers.


  1. WOW!! You have some great items in your queue.

  2. You don't have to use Paypal to buy Woolly Thoughts patterns, if you don't want to. Get in touch and we can make other arrangements. (If you buy through Ravelry, then Paypal is the only option.)

  3. Love to see the eye candy on your blog!!!! Love, the hat and love the socks!
    I really love it all!


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