Thursday, December 31, 2009

... and one more thing.

Bonus End-of-Year Entry: I accidentally started a hat Tuesday night with the leftover yarn from my husband's Trilobite Hat - It's called The Year-End Deadline Hat. Thankfully, it got finished well before midnight on Thursday!! Here it is about 1/5 done, whereupon I decided that no, there WAS such a thing as "too many DPNs" for a hat.

By the end of Wednesday morning, having switched back to five DPNS, I was about six rows from where I thought I could call the crown "done"; by the end of lunch, I could almost see about how much hat I had left to go... and, more importantly, I could tell that yes, though on the close-fitting side, this hat will actually fit. (Yay for having a tiny, child-sized head - my glasses are cheaper (with my eyesight, this is really, really important - people can buy cars for what I'd have to pay for "grownup" frames!) - and it doesn't take much yarn to knit a hat or headband!) Plus, I remembered that if I don't have enough gray yarn for this hat, the orange-rust from my Sharp Shootin' Mitts is also DK-weight. So, there may be pom-pomage. I'm went back up to 9 DPNs, since hat was starting to edge a bit too close to the ends of the 4 DPN setup; that got too complicated, so I went back to 7 DPNs, which worked well.

Looks, um, questionable though, so that's a "GO" on the pom-pom, so the, um, pointy bit is obscured. Finished all the gray yarn Wednesday night, and started working the orange/rust. And managed to screw up a bit, so there' a bit of reworking (hey, "k2p2 around" CAN be confusing if you haven't had much sleep due to over-knitting) that happened on the very, very long commute in this morning. I figure I'll do one "repeat" of the cable pattern I made up for my mitts, and whatever yarn is left? POM POM. Here's how it looked at the end of Thursday lunch:

And, here it is, all done!

Note: if there's an image here, I finished it in time.
If there isn't, it'll be done before the first time I fall asleep in 2010.
I'm hoping there's an image.

If it's done, that's two yarns (the Berocco Merino DK from the Trilobite Hat and the Shiubi (sp?) Baby Alpaca DK from the Sharp Shootin' Mitts COMPLETELY used up. And STILL at 49 UFOs heading into 2010!! **PHEW!!!!**

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  1. There you go!

    Hoping the UFO's will continue downward while new items slide into the mix!

    Happy New Year!


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