Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy, pain, ow, busy

No Yarn on Thursday (sorry, no time!)

Just to continue my finishing insanity, quite some time ago (I'm going to guess "about a year", you'll know why in a moment), I started stitching a cute little diaper holder. The idea was to have it done for my friend K's baby shower... but I didn't quite make it. Um. By a lot.

Anyway, the baby-in-question's First Birthday Party is in just under two weeks, so BY GOLLY, K is going to get a diaper holder. (The baby is a bit young to appreciate much of anything, but I'll get a brightly-colored lead-free chewable sparkly toy of some sort.) I am *also* going to finish a wee baby sampler with All The Stuff I Wish I Knew on it (what day of the week the little one was born, and in which town... that sort of thing).

Please ignore the fact that, up until about a month ago, I knew EXACTLY where it was in the house and now I can't find it, but I know it's in there somewhere.

Now, I'm not completely insane; both items are mostly finished, just a lot of backstitching and some framing on the one, and a couple of words and some backstitching on the second. It *is* actually possible to have them finished.

Possibly not wrapped, and I might be stitching the diaper holder as we hit their driveway on the day, but it's *possible*.

Wish me luck!

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