Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A crochet finish...

Okay, so last week, I told you that I'd finished a couple of things. This one at least involves yarn. It's a double-sided crocheted scarf, designed by my friend stitchlove [Ravelry link]. I changed it up a little bit, making a three-color chain (Caron Supersoft in Navy, Ecru and Persimmon) and doing the back longways to make putting in the racing stripe easier (although it was a really really long scarf - I'm really glad my big afghan hook had a big stopper welded on the end). I have the materials for the hat to match, which will eventually go on The List, but not until the new year.

view of both sides


striped side (back)

chain side (front)

It's gonna be super warm!


  1. Looks great! Love the texture. Can't wait to see the hat in a few months. :)

    And I agree with your husband, get a winder. :)


  2. Super pretty - and we have to get together, I have your London present!

    (Don't worry - it's even weirder than the last foreign present!)


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