Monday, October 26, 2009

Master's Monday: Week 21


Yes, I'm finally back on track after a waaay too long hiatus. It hit the point, last week, that by golly, I was going to do something on my Masters Hand Knitting Level I before I had to post this entry, or Very Bad Things were gonna happen. (Possibly involving kerosene, matches, and my finished swatches.) Thankfully for all concerned, I was, in fact, able to Do Something.

First, I finally decided that I wasn't going to be scared of little bits of knitted cloth, and started to block the swatches. It began badly, when I discovered that my Bag of Finished Swatches didn't actually contain a swatch for #13 or #15:

Then there was the choice of weave in and block, or block and weave in, and according to notes I took at some point on some project (I really need to organize my notes better), blocking *first* gave me a better result. Not that I started to block, or anything. But I found the swatches, found out that I had more knitting in my future, and went to see what I'd actually done so far.

It wasn't quite as bad as I'd feared. Somehow, I'd gotten into my brain that I received my Level I packet at the end of March; nope, it was the second week of June - so I haven't even been at this six months yet, which made me feel much better. Also, while not cleaned up, most of my questions *are* answered, and if the citations aren't in official Blue Book format, they're at least there. Basically, what's left is the report (which is at least outlined), and the questions that require blocked swatches. It's NOT that bad. I can face it again. And I hope to have everything turned in *before* my two week vacation (well, two weeks of working on remodeling my kitchen instead of being at work - Disney World would've been much more fun!), when everything in the house will be up in the air.

I really don't want to lose anything I've done at THIS point!!

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  1. Congrats! I did get mine in March and have notes for the report and 4 swatches that I block but some I was unhappy with until my Summer of Discontent of some house remodeling. I really need to get back to mine!


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