Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Too Swift...

So, I have a swift, but no ball winder. This is not a problem, as I don't mind hand-winding balls. This time, however, I got a brilliant idea. The Lovely L had shown me how to make little center-pull balls a while back, so I decided to try making one.

I should've gotten up to get an actual tube-shaped object (as she told me to do), but lazily grabbed the bottle of Benadryl on my sidestand. I knew that if part of the ball went over the wrong end of the bottle, it could be a problem, and honestly, for the first Really Long While, I was careful about it. Then either I got tired or TV got fascinating, and I didn't notice that the yarn ball had closed up a bit... on the cap end of the bottle.

Thus, when I tried to remove the bottle from the center-pull ball, I discovered that somewhere in the very center, the yarn had closed around the smaller neck of the bottle, between the large bottle and the larger cap.

So, I am now knitting my Socktoberfest socks from an *outside*-pull ball of yarn, with a nice, rattly Benadryl weight in the center.

My husband, who has been helping with the de-stashing and de-stuffing of the house, has decided I need to get a ball winder! I don't want to tell him that... um... I have one, I just can't find it.


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  1. I've thought about trying a center pull ball but there is nothing wrong with outer pull. :D


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