Friday, October 30, 2009

Another finish - Michael Powell Bookmark #1

Now, more on my latest tiny cross-stitch project. Turns out a lot of people at the Nancy Bush knitting workshop had been cross-stitchers, but stopped when knitting took over their lives. I understand that this can happen. So, everyone else brought socks, shawls, knitted whatever to work on before class and during lunch; I had my little cross-stitch bookmark.

I worked on it at work on Monday at lunch, and on the way home.

I worked on it Tuesday at lunch, and on the way home.

And far too late Tuesday night, I finished it. (And then woke up and took a really blurry photo of it.) Here's what it's supposed to look like - click on the photo to go directly to the Michael Powell site, and see all the lovlies!

Also dug out my almost-finished Teresa Wentzler "Tropical Dreams":

I'm hoping to have this one finished up in October, to bring my monthly average finishes firmly above "3".


  1. Oh pretty please, may I have the pattern (or can you tell me where to find it) for the book mark? I love it and you are so right about the knitting taking over!!!

  2. DK - I got it through (actually, I ordered it from the catalog, but still) - they've got three of the four.

    I tend to trash my patterns pretty badly, or I'd just give you mine... but it's practically illegible at this point (can you see the Pink Highlighting of Doom in the photo)?


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